Producer / Engineer / Mixing

Boston manor

welcome to the neighbourhood (E)

Brand new

science fiction (e)

Vinnie Caruana

survivor's guilt (p/e/m)

an horse

modern air (e)

Beach goons

Hoodratscumbags (m)

heart attack man

Fake blood (p/e/m)

boring (P/E/M)

Anthony Raneri

our voices (e/m)


pop goes punk vol. 7 (p/e)

This is Hell

bastards still remain (p/e/m)


a constant state of ohio (p/e/m)


eternal yesterday / downpour (p/e/m)

pass away

the hell i’ve Always seen (m)

The Nectars

Sci-fi televisIon (p/e/m)

john nolan

Abendigo (e)

Extinction A.D

faithkiller (p/e/m)

Steady Hands

under the rug (p/e/m)

The Moms

doing asbestos we can (p/e/m)

snowbird (p/e/m)

Twin Strike

a flood (p/e/m)

a mountain (p/e/m)

Puddle Splasher

seperate states (p/e/m)

the Blankest Blue (P/E/m)

Past Life

triple nothing (mastered)


losing things (p/e/m)

starving arts

funeral days (p/e/m)

   The Movielife

   cities in search of a heart (P/e)


   Run (p/e/m)


   Yarn (e)

   I Am The Avalanche

   Avalanche United (p/e)

Wolverines (p/e)

   Crime in Stereo

   Upcoming LP (p/e)

   Free Throw

   bear your mind (p/e)

What’s Past is Prolouge (P/E)

   Life Lessons

   best when in motion (p/e/m)

   Sorority Noise

   you're not as ____ As you think (e)

   Make War

   developing a theory of integrity (p/e/m)

   Brandon Reilly

   up the river (p/e)


Acting out (P/E/M)

Jetty bones

- (P/E/M)

   Kayak Jones

   matter (p/e/m)

You Swear It's Getting Better Every Day (P/E/M)

   Head North

   the last living man alive ever in the

   history of the world (p/e/m)

 lizzy farrall

   barbados ep (p/e/m)


   spectacular sight (e) 

New age heroin Ii (E)

   ballet the boxer (e)


   Hand in my pocket (p/e/m)

   blame candy

   sweet tooth (e)

pathetic (e)

   Sylvana Joyce + The Moment

   heavyhead (p/e/m)

bad luck

cold bones (p)

Last bus (change) (p/e/m)

House Plants

self-titled (p/e/m)


loose ends (mastered)


Brett Romnes is a producer, audio engineer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based out of New York City.  He currently works out of The Barber Shop Studios in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.


Romnes' mission is to ensure that each artist's unique vision and sound are captured as accurate as possible.  His production style is results-driven and hands-on, designed to break down any creative obstacles whilst providing positive input and guidance at every step of the process.


Alongside his extensive engineering and production experience, Brett is the drummer for The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche & Crime in Stereo.




Nestled inside a historic century old church, The Barbershop Studios are located just outside of Manhattan, set against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Hopatcong. Centered around a 72 channel SSL 9000K, this high end facility has an impressive collection of analog gear and modern digital equipment.



On site living quarters are available for those in need of accommodations during their session. The studio is also conveniently situated within walking distance to nearby bars, restaurants and shopping. 


For information on scheduling and rates please contact using the form below.

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